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by Dr. Rajesh Nawal

A smile is what breaks the ice in a first introduction, and often a beautiful smile can become the deciding factor in a discussion. Having a pleasant smile will require properly arranged teeth, uniform color, and proper alignment. Having all the teeth is also an important factor. However, all these factors may not be present naturally in a person. Modern dentistry has several devices and techniques to give someone a smile makeover, which can be availed from the best clinic providing cosmetic dental treatment in Jaipur, as per need. 

Smile makeover – the points to keep in mind

Smile makeover allows its user to design their smile; which can require different branches of dentistry. The main notion behind this branch of dentistry is to bolster the confidence of the patient to smile in front of others. The reasons, as said before, can be anything from a chipped tooth, bad oral health, to genetic diseases, however, the discipline of a smile makeover can give a solid boost up to the aesthetics and confidence of the patient. Some of the points that need to be kept in mind before a smile makeover can be given as;

  • The treatments required to provide the patient with a smile makeover will depend upon the extent and type of problem faced by the patient, which can also include surgery. Otherwise, different cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, fillings, bonding, bridges, and implants may be suggested by the dentist. It is better to consider the suggestions of the dentist providing proficient cosmetic dental treatment in Jaipur for your smile treatment.
  • A smile makeover does not take into account only the design of your smile but all the necessary factors as well. For example, the patients’ complexion, overall appearance, the color of the gum tissue, lip shape and color, and even hair color is taken into consideration. It is better to consult an experienced orthodontist to get the correct decision. 
  • The dentist will first treat other issues related to diseases of the teeth and gum before they can work on correcting the smile. This can be gum diseases, inflammation of the gums, bad breath, bruxism, and many others. Existing jaw pain or any untreated tooth pain will first be corrected by the dentist. This step is essential and often required for a long-lasting and effective smile makeover procedure.

The techniques

As said earlier, a smile makeover may require one or more procedures to correct existing conditions. There are several methods to do this, and below given are a little description about them:

  • Dental veneer: It is a very thin shell of porcelain or composite material, often colored the same as the teeth. It is fixed to the dental surfaces to rectify issues like worn enamel, improper tooth alignment, and spacing, discoloration of tooth, cracks, and chips. 
  • Composite bonding: It is the permanent attachment of dental materials to the surface of the teeth, either by using a curative light or by applying adhesive materials. This is used by dentists to correct issues like a chipped or cracked teeth, discoloration, and stained teeth. Some dentists use an impression of the patients’ teeth and a model of their desired smile to provide the required result. Depending upon the bonding procedures, the patients may have to visit the best clinic of smile orthodontics in Jaipur one or multiple times.
  • Dental implants: This is considered a branch of prosthetic dentistry. These are artificial tooth roots that are used to put on a crown or tooth from the outside. Usually, these are applied in case of missing teeth, which is a big factor in a person’s decision to smile openly. With the help of this technique, dentists can fill up the empty spaces of the oral cavity and design a proper smile makeover. 
  • Teeth whitening: It’s usually a pleasing view to see the smile of dazzling white teeth. However, due to food consumption and other habits, the color of the teeth starts to darken over time. In a smile makeover protocol, this is also taken care of by the dentist. The patients can use either professional-grade teeth whitening from the best clinic of smile orthodontics in Jaipur or buy over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Either way, the presence of clear and impressively white teeth is important to design a successful smile makeover. 

The side effects

As the smile makeover procedure may use or more prosthetic or cosmetic dental procedure, the risks associated also mirrors the ones linked with them. With the inclusion of chemicals and prosthetic devices, there is a constant probability of dental infection. Otherwise, the skill and experience of the dentist also play a significant part. Some of the side effects of a smile makeover can be listed as:

  • There may be increased sensitivity in the teeth. 
  • Irritation in the gums has also been reported in some cases. 
  • The accompanying antibiotics can give rise to gastric problems. 
  • The use of surgery to put in the implants may increase the risk of infection. 
  • Failing in the care of the implants may decrease the longevity of them.

Using professional assistance

Often, a smile can be ruined because of misaligned teeth, discolored or stained teeth, and smile lines with improper aesthetics. However, with the extensive care of the dentists providing top-quality smile orthodontics in Jaipur and the appropriate maintenance, it is possible to maintain the results of the smile makeover for an extensive time. 

Dr. Rajesh Nawal
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SMILE SPOILERS like improper alignment of teeth, spacing between teeth, broken teeth, old fillings, attrition or wearing of enamel of teeth, smoking stains, yellow teeth, black gums, protruding teeth, jaw size discrepancies, gummy smile, fluorosis etc can be corrected and mended using a host of treatments like braces, veneers, bleaching and depigmentation.

Technological advancements are slowly decreasing the need for unsightly braces. Invisible aligners like INVISALIGN have done away with fixed wires and made the treatment invisible. Aligners are removable, transparent, do not cause food lodging, easier to maintain and patient acceptance is also better. Wilkodontics can decrease the duration of alignment treatment to as short as three months. VENEERS are instant smile correction techniques to make your smile radiant with the shape and size to suit your facial structure.

Anti-ageing treatments – restoration of lower facial height lost due to loss of enamel. LASER tooth whitening procedures are long lasting.

Most cosmetic problems also indicate an underlying functional problem – corrections will offer a better quality of life, early detection in childhood can simplify treatment.

BAD BREATH AND BLEEDING GUMS indicate gum disease which will soon lead to tooth loss. It may be due to aging, diabetes, pregnancy or genetics.

Technological advancements like LASERS ensures faster healing, less bleeding. Microscopic Dentistry improves precision. Nowadays targeted treatments and growth factors from one’s own body are also used for rapid healing. Cell culture technology are the latest developments.

Gum disease is usually due to plaque and calculus accumulation around the teeth. If addressed early, the tooth can be saved. Delay in treatment will result in tooth fall.

Sensitivity is usually an early symptom of decay, gum recession, over-zealous brushing or hard clenching or grinding habit.

Technological advancement like LASER Desensitisation, Dental loupes assisted root coverage procedures, tooth coloured fillings can cure sensitivity and save the teeth.

Before blindly following what the advertiser in the television tells, it is mandatory to check for the underlying reason and treat the same. In gum recession covering of the exposed, sensitive part of the root by gum treatments is done. Ignoring the symptom or resorting to over the counter relief measures – almost always leads to tooth loss.

PAIN in the tooth or mouth is usually due to deep decay in the tooth, wisdom tooth eruption, food collection inside gum pockets, ulcers or cracked tooth. The dentist will examine you and may need to take an x-ray to check the spread of infection.

Technological advancements like apex locators, flexible rotary tools, laser root canal, microscope assisted dentistry, have reduced the duration of treatment and the discomfort involved. Precious Metal Crowns improve durability and ensure zero allergies.

Do not use over the counter medication to treat dental pain. Clove oil cannot stop the spread of infection. If the cause of the pain is found early, the tooth can be restored to normal function.

Treatment Option

Root Canal Treatment

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