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By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

TMJ Joint Rehabilitation

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is a part of the oral cavity which is used more than the other ones. It is involved in activities like chewing, talking, and others associated with the movement of the jawbone and mouth. The joint is like a sliding hinge that joins your jawbone to the skull, and problems in this particular joint may need the assistance of the most skilled TMJ doctor in Jaipur. 

Our team of dentists at the Nawal’s Ivory Dental Clinic provides the most comprehensive and in-depth treatment for TMJ disorders. We ensure that our clients are provided with appropriate cosmetic and surgical treatments from our clinic. 

The cause and treatment

There is no particular cause for the onset of TMJ problems, however, our clinic has the most up-to-date and effective methods of TMJ disorder treatment in Jaipur. Usually, the main causes that give rise to this particular condition are injury, genetic factors, arthritis, or a combination of all these issues. Another important reason for this condition is known as bruxism or clenching and grinding of teeth due to jaw pain. 

Our doctors find out the correct reason for the problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Often, the pain and discomfort may be corrected by simple self-management and non-surgical treatments; while in some cases, surgical treatments are the only solution. We provide the most skilled assistance for any type of TMJ problem. 

Convalescence procedures

The surgical method for TMJ dysfunction in Jaipur is applied when conditions become important. With the most modern instruments and proficient manpower, we are equipped to provide you with the needed dental treatment. Some of the treatment regimens we can provide our clients are;

  • Occlusal Rehabilitation

The term means the way the upper mandible and lower jaw come together during a bite or closing our mouth. Improperly removed, eroded, and poorly restored teeth can cause increased pressure on the TMJ joint. This pressure can result in increased headaches in the patient. Surgically, this bite or occlusion may be corrected and our skilled doctors can provide you relief from the chronic jaw joint pain in Jaipur by reducing the constantly acting stress.

  • Dentures 

These are prosthetic devices used for replacing the missing teeth from the patients’ oral cavity and are assisted in their position by the adjoining soft and hard tissues. Our clinic provides all of the continuing and new-age methods associated with installing removable fake teeth in Jaipur. Depending on the function and the use, there are several types of dentures the patients can get from our clinic. Some of the prosthetic and replica teeth provided by our most popular clinic can be listed as;

  1. Partial Denture
    We provide the best quality and top-grade dentures to our clients. When they are used to substitute a few of the absent teeth, the arrangement is called a partial denture. Although they are generally prepared from inflexible acrylic, we can provide dentures made from other lightweight and sturdy materials for our patients. Our skilled dentists ensure proper fitting of these dentures in the patient’s mouth.
  2. Flexible dentures
    These types of dentures are prepared by improving some of the characteristics of the traditional hard acrylic dentures. These products from our clinic are manufactured by putting together a few additives to make the dentures more yielding. Apart from the flexibility, the dentures are handled and can be fitted more easily compared to the rigid ones. We arrange for top-quality products for our clients.
  3. Complete Denture
    This procedure involves the replacement of the complete set of teeth from the oral cavity with artificially prepared dentures. The prosthetics used are usually prepared by compression molding of the rigid acrylic after preparation of the denture template by the lost wax method. We ensure that our surgical intervention works just as well as the original ones. 
  4. BPS Dentures
    Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) Dentures or BPS dentures are a new system of replacing the damaged teeth of the oral cavity. These dentures are more effective for the surgical replacement of the existing broken teeth. Some of its functionalities are mentioned below; 
  • Artistically higher-grade partial or complete denture with full functionality and comfort.
  • Impeccable degree of flexibility with the provision of adjusting as per need.
  • Clasps of tissue-colored materials are attached with something which blends with the gum. Metal claps are used as little as possible. 
  • More resistant to oral joint forces and hard to break.

Other than these, we also provide our patients with cast partial dentures, over dentures, and obturators to aid in their damages to the roof of their mouth. 

Visit our clinic today!

There are many dental clinics in the locality, but our dental institution is the most popular. We provide our clients with the most modern instruments and assistance in our field. So, if you need dental services and an effective TMJ Joint Rehabilitation, all you have to do is contact us to get targeted treatments!

By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

5 Usual Causes of Pain after Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment or RCT is mainly a preservative procedure. In earlier cases, extraction was the only available treatment to get rid of the problems caused by an infected tooth. In RCT, the dentist drills the tooth and clears the channel inside of the infected and purulent pulp matter. This procedure ensures that the patient can use their original teeth in the day-to-day functions, as much as possible. 

Infection in the pulp is the main source of the pain, however, this procedure allows the developed teeth to continue their job without the infected pulp. Still, pain in the oral cavity after a root canal treatment is not unheard of. Let us know five of the reasons why we may have to consult the most proficient dental specialist endodontist in Jaipur:

Inflammation after the operation

One of the commonest causes of pain after a root canal treatment is the inflammation occurring in the oral cavity, site of the RCT, or the enamel itself. Mainly two types of the phenomenon are found to be responsible for this event; either the operation itself causes the inflammation in the teeth, or secondary infection by different bacteria in the tooth ligament can cause the painful inflammation. In both cases, the swelling is observed to subside within a few days on its own. If the pain and the swelling persist, it is time to consult the most effective Dentist in Jaipur for the appropriate actions- medical or surgical. 


This reason is associated with the first one mentioned here. Secondary infection by different bacteria can cause pain in the oral cavity of the patient. The infection may occur during the operation of the teeth, or the infected pulp may be left behind by the dentist after the operation. In either case, the offending bacteria cause an infection inside the dental cavity and this can cause immense pain in the dental regions. Like the swelling, the infection can also reduce after some time as the body’s immune system starts fighting against it. If the infection spreads too much, the most proficient Dentist in Jaipur will prescribe antibiotics. The dose and the consumption of the antibiotics will be prescribed by the dentist on a per-patient basis.

Too large filling

During the RCT procedure, the dentist takes out the infected pulp and cleans the channels completely. After the operation is done, the space will be filled with a rubber-like material. This material, if used more than the needed amount, causes the treated tooth to sit higher. In this condition, the patient will feel pain in the tooth whenever he or she bites down. Contrary to inflammation or infection, this pain will not reduce on its own. However, the dentist can adjust the filling to counter this particular issue during the operation. 

Incomplete root canal

The molar teeth have multiple canals, and during the RCT procedure, each of them needs to be thoroughly cleaned. In Nawal’s Dental Clinic, the most skilled dental specialist endodontist in Jaipur ensures complete treatment without any problem. However, if all the canals are not cleaned somehow, or the doctor misses some of the damaged nerves which ought to be taken out, the patient will experience pain after the RCT. In both cases, the initial pain will not subside easily and the patient will experience pain when the teeth come in contact with any hot, cold, or acidic food. 

Damage to the neighboring tissues

During a root canal procedure, the tissue can get damaged in several ways. Some of the ways can be listed as:

  1. If bacteria or other contaminating organism gets introduced into the oral cavity.
  2. The filling material is used in excess and the flow crosses the root tip.
  3. The surgical instruments used in the RCT slip beyond the root tip and poke the underlying tissue.

In all the above-mentioned cases, the pain in the tooth resolves by itself. The injury in the tissues will need to be healed. The dentist may prescribe painkillers and antibiotics in case of extreme pain and discomfort. In case of constant and ongoing pain, it is better to consult the dentists of Nawal’s Dental Clinic, the most liked institution for root canal repair in Jaipur.

Taking care after RCT

The mishaps occurring during the operation do cause pain and discomfort in the patient. However, the patients also need to take care of their oral cavities and maintain dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing after the main meals is a good practice and should be continued. Also, the patient should stick to the prescribed medication schedule, if any, and consume foods that don’t damage the filling or the teeth operated on. It is best to consult the skilled dentists of Nawal’s Dental Clinic providing top-class root canal repair in Jaipur and follow their suggestions.

SMILE SPOILERS like improper alignment of teeth, spacing between teeth, broken teeth, old fillings, attrition or wearing of enamel of teeth, smoking stains, yellow teeth, black gums, protruding teeth, jaw size discrepancies, gummy smile, fluorosis etc can be corrected and mended using a host of treatments like braces, veneers, bleaching and depigmentation.

Technological advancements are slowly decreasing the need for unsightly braces. Invisible aligners like INVISALIGN have done away with fixed wires and made the treatment invisible. Aligners are removable, transparent, do not cause food lodging, easier to maintain and patient acceptance is also better. Wilkodontics can decrease the duration of alignment treatment to as short as three months. VENEERS are instant smile correction techniques to make your smile radiant with the shape and size to suit your facial structure.

Anti-ageing treatments – restoration of lower facial height lost due to loss of enamel. LASER tooth whitening procedures are long lasting.

Most cosmetic problems also indicate an underlying functional problem – corrections will offer a better quality of life, early detection in childhood can simplify treatment.

BAD BREATH AND BLEEDING GUMS indicate gum disease which will soon lead to tooth loss. It may be due to aging, diabetes, pregnancy or genetics.

Technological advancements like LASERS ensures faster healing, less bleeding. Microscopic Dentistry improves precision. Nowadays targeted treatments and growth factors from one’s own body are also used for rapid healing. Cell culture technology are the latest developments.

Gum disease is usually due to plaque and calculus accumulation around the teeth. If addressed early, the tooth can be saved. Delay in treatment will result in tooth fall.

Sensitivity is usually an early symptom of decay, gum recession, over-zealous brushing or hard clenching or grinding habit.

Technological advancement like LASER Desensitisation, Dental loupes assisted root coverage procedures, tooth coloured fillings can cure sensitivity and save the teeth.

Before blindly following what the advertiser in the television tells, it is mandatory to check for the underlying reason and treat the same. In gum recession covering of the exposed, sensitive part of the root by gum treatments is done. Ignoring the symptom or resorting to over the counter relief measures – almost always leads to tooth loss.

PAIN in the tooth or mouth is usually due to deep decay in the tooth, wisdom tooth eruption, food collection inside gum pockets, ulcers or cracked tooth. The dentist will examine you and may need to take an x-ray to check the spread of infection.

Technological advancements like apex locators, flexible rotary tools, laser root canal, microscope assisted dentistry, have reduced the duration of treatment and the discomfort involved. Precious Metal Crowns improve durability and ensure zero allergies.

Do not use over the counter medication to treat dental pain. Clove oil cannot stop the spread of infection. If the cause of the pain is found early, the tooth can be restored to normal function.

Treatment Option

Root Canal Treatment

With luxurious ambiance, A-star hospitality, the Nawal’s Dental is a completely inimitable experience in Dentistry. Everything from the quality of the smiles that greet you to the smiles that leave the place is of a much higher stature.

With sophisticated technology and finest dentist in the world we practice almost painless procedure for a precise outcome. Our specialist in smile designing, laser dentistry, and sedation dentistry are determined to restore confident smile and to offset pain from dental procedures.

Now it is time for you to move over ordinary dental care, to get over your fear of dentists, to forget about cramped dental offices, painful treatments, and fear of catching infection due to a non-sterile atmosphere, inadequate infrastructure, and ill experienced dentists. It is time for you to Come and experience the dental care beyond the ordinary.

Fast Dental Treatment

Keeping up with changing times and tight schedules of patients, we have endeavored to keep treatment time and visits minimal. This in no way has been by virtue of compromising treatment quality. On the contrary, the best of machinery and materials have been sourced to ensure faster and more efficient working with the best possible end result.

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