By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

How to Impart Good Oral Health Habits in Kids

As a parent, it is our job to instill good habits in our kids. It should consist of good moral values, etiquette, and knowledge to take care of their body. This part should not only include eating healthy or exercising regularly but to take care of their physical as well as mental health. One of the most important parts of the body, which an infant must know from his/her childhood, is the teeth and oral cavity. The reason? Well, after the milk teeth fall off, this part can stay strong and healthy right up to old age, often without the need of ultrasonic teeth cleaning altogether.

The food and sweets

Kids love sweets, there are no two ways about it. However, the parents have to make the children understand the value of brushing their teeth after every bite of candies or toffees. It is now very common knowledge that these sweets or fast foods produce acid in the oral cavity, and this acid erodes the teeth and enamel. If proper care is not taken, it could well destroy the teeth of the kid in the later ages. Still, putting a stop to the eating of sweets will be counterproductive, because that would be robbing them of their childhood pleasures. Instilling a few good habits to take proper care of their teeth will be enough. 

The practices to teach the kids

Kids are generally full of curiosity, and if anything takes their fancy, they quickly take to that activity. Intimidating or threatening them doesn’t work in the long run and is often harmful than beneficial. So, it is would be best to make the practices to take care of their teeth a fun activity. Children with strong teeth require less medical help in their later life, although one can get the necessary treatment for various oral problems including mouth smell treatment in Jaipur from the most popular clinic. Let us know some of the ways one can instill good oral habits into the children;

  1. Start in the first year
    Good oral care must be started right from the first year of the baby when they cannot do it by themselves. Even newborn babies can develop tooth decay, especially if they are put to bed with a bottle. Although it may be convenient for the parents, the sugars from the milk can get coated onto the babies’ teeth and cause tooth decay. This condition is often known as “bottle mouth”. To counter it, the babies’ gums should be wiped with a washcloth properly. The pacifier shouldn’t be dipped in honey or sugar before giving it to the baby. The babies should be given a look-over by a dentist from the first year, or earlier if their teeth have sprouted. 
  2. Procure kid-friendly supplies
    The training to brush their teeth can be started from the age of two or three. It would be a great idea to let them choose their toothpaste, toothbrush, and even the rinsing cup. Start their dental care journey using a soft-bristled toothbrush for the kids. For small kids, the sharp flavor of fluoride toothpaste may not sit well. You can buy them toothpaste made especially for kids with fruity flavors. Keep an eye so that they do not swallow the toothpaste. After a while, they will want to brush by themselves; let them. Just keep in mind to brush it again after they have finished as they are prone to missing the troubled areas.
    Train them to brush at least twice a day and floss also. Monitor their food habit and fill their diet with healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, cheese which strengthen the teeth. Limit sugar and sweet drink consumption, instead provide them milk and water, as they are good for the teeth. These practices can prevent a visit to a dental clinic for gum cosmetic surgery in Jaipur.
    Although, fluoride toothpaste needs to be introduced in the brushing habits of the child as it is proven to be effective against the development of cavities. As said earlier, children can put too much in their toothpaste and swallow it. This can cause permanent discoloration of the teeth. You can put a little on their toothbrushes when they are going to brush and keep an eye on the swallowing.
    When the kids have learned to spit the foam after brushing and not swallow it, then they can be given the full amount of fluoride toothpaste, provided it does not cause any harm to them.  
  3. Brush then floss
    Children should learn to enjoy the activities of dental care. Brushing is important of the practice, but flossing is required to clean the food debris from the hard-to-reach places of the teeth. As a parent, you should teach them the benefit of brushing and then flossing. You can start with brushing and then move on to flossing. At first, you can show them the correct procedure to do it. Standing behind them while they brush their teeth is also a good way to monitor their technique. After they have mastered it, make it a practice to floss at least twice a day. 
  4. Make dental care exciting
    Children respond to exciting and fun activities, which could be extrapolated onto the brushing activities as well. Brush and floss in front of them and tell them how fun the activity it is. They will be motivated to join you in the teeth care activity. You can even make up stories with mythical characters about how brushing their teeth helped them from monsters of cavities and teeth problems.
    Show them the correct technique to brush and floss. Your excitement should voluntarily make them join. Often, brushing for a long time may seem boring to a child and they may object, but that can be solved with small rewards. However, do not give the kids candies or sodas.
  5. Schedule dental appointments
    Every dentist agrees that the dental care of the children should start from an early age and must be conducted at least twice a year. It is best to choose the most preferred dental clinic in your locality. For example, if you live near Jaipur, then you should go to the best clinic for repairing tooth decay in Jaipur with your child’s dental checkup. The clinic should have a fun environment and kid-friendly arrangements, including smiling technicians and nurses.
    The dentist checkup should be started when the age of the kids ranges from six months to one year old. Starting early with their dental care provides the necessary advantage in the long run and will become a part of the child’s normal dental care schedule. You may also have to visit the dental clinic for any dental accidents like broken or cracked teeth, or biting something too hard. Starting early intervention in form of dentist visits will prevent any permanent damage and reduce the pain of your child, especially if he or she needs front tooth cavity filling in Jaipur. 

Choosing a great clinic

With the instilling of good oral practices in the children, comes the periodical checkup. As said earlier, the practice of visiting the dentist should be started from an early age. Your dental care clinic should have a kids section as well. Otherwise, it would be the best step to find the most skilled and experienced doctor for kids in your locality.