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By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

Dental Braces in Jaipur

Braces are prosthetic devices used for the orthodontic treatment of incorrectly positioned teeth. With these devices made from ceramic or metal, the teeth can be moved or repositioned to aid in their functions like eating. 

With the highly proficient job done by the skilled doctors of Nawal’s Ivory Dental Clinic, you can be assured about the top-class look you would get. Along with the physical benefits, our treatments ensure that your smile becomes the most beautiful. 

Orthodontic treatment: a little know-how

Orthodontic treatment is the use of dental appliances like braces, fixtures, and aligners to correct twisted or improperly fitting teeth. Our skilled dental technicians use the topmost-quality dental retainer in Jaipur to solve these problems and keep the client’s mouth healthy. Usually, the treatment is started during childhood; nowadays, adults are also opting for this to enjoy strong gum and a set of dazzling teeth. Our team of skilled dental surgeons provides the best services in this matter. 

Repositioned teeth also change the smile of an individual. Our clinic can improve your smile by a significant degree with ongoing treatment regimens. Along with proficient and experienced manpower, our top-of-the-line instruments can provide you with the best examples of smile orthodontics in Jaipur. Our treatments provide your teeth and gum with the most effective long-term effects. 

Best time to start the treatment

The optimum age to start the treatment is 10-14 years as the child is still in the growing phase and the crooked teeth are easier to realign. Depending upon the severity, the extent of the treatment will be 16 to 18 months. For certain jaw problems, the treatment can even be started at the age of 6 years. 

Especially in children, certain habits like mouth breathing, and thumb sucking can be discontinued by orthodontic pieces of equipment. 

The reasons to have braces

Usually, you will find that dental braces are applied most commonly for crooked or unevenly spaced teeth. The braces we apply slowly pressurize the teeth, produce changes in the jawbone, and allow the roots to move to the correct position. Apart from that, the reasons why our skilled dental experts can suggest the installation of braces for your teeth can be listed as;

  • The size of jaw is bigger than the teeth, which makes the spaces between them uneven and big.
  • In opposite situations, the teeth may look crowded and overlapped. This also can happen due to the decay of teeth in childhood, resulting in a loss of space. 
  • Apparent elongation of the face due to continuous mouth breathing because of chronic allergies or a deviated septum.
  • Due to the childhood habit of thumb-sucking or thrusting the tongue, the teeth may come forward. For this reason, the front of the teeth during a bite does not meet together, known as an open bite. They also may not be able to close their lips fully.

All of these problems can be set right by the most effective braces for gap teeth in Jaipur. We use top-quality braces for our clients, giving them a proper makeover from their disfiguration. 

The problems solved by our orthodontics

The orthodontic procedures applied by our team of skilled dental physicians work on multivariate levels. On the aesthetic side, several associated problems can be cleared by the application of a proper teeth retainer in Jaipur. Here are some of the causes of why the application of braces can become necessary;

  1. Crowded and overlapping teeth present difficulty while cleaning, as dirt or food can get trapped in them. This can ultimately develop into cavities or gum disease.
  2. Most of the time, decay in one tooth overlapping with others can also cause the deterioration to spread into the others.
  3. Extended teeth have a greater risk of suffering injuries from various factors.
  4. The presence of space between the teeth results in the early loss of bone and also the lessening of support.
  5. Problems in the growth of the jaw can give rise to inflammation in the temporomandibular joint or TMJ; which can cause intense and continuous pain. In serious cases, it can also result in Temporomandibular disorder (TMD). 
  6. Improperly aligned teeth also affect the appearance of the face. 

As these alignment issues can cause problems in the long run, it is better to take the steps for their remediation as soon as possible. 

Give us a call

Our braces are designed to spread the biting pressure across the teeth and provide long-term benefits towards tooth health, making it one of the most effective orthodontic treatments in Jaipur. Our clinic has all the necessary arrangements to provide the most operational orthodontic treatment for any of the related problems of the client. We use the best instruments and top-quality fixtures to realign crooked or disfigured teeth.

A sparkling smile is surely an extension of your magnetic personality! If you wish to get professional treatments for dental braces in Jaipur, get in touch with Nawal’s Ivory Dental clinic today! 

By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

Invisible Teeth Braces – Pros and Cons

Teeth braces are mainly used to correct misaligned teeth or redesign the smile according to the patient’s wish. Traditionally, metal braces are used with brackets and wires for this purpose; however, the prosthetics were visible. Therefore, the user often would hesitate to smile freely. With improved dental prosthetics, teeth braces that completed the job and were not too obvious are gradually developed. However, to ensure that these braces do their job correctly, the wearer must fulfill the different related guidelines. Therefore, it is best to visit the top dental clinic in Jaipur to get the best quality invisible braces.

The Gradual Development Of Braces

The process of applying metal braces to reposition the teeth has been in practice for many years. It is fixed in place by metal brackets and wires. In between, stubs of rubber-like materials were placed to avoid friction between the two frames. However, mainly because of their visible nature, metal braces were not popular among wearers. 

After metal braces, clear braces came into the market. In this method, brackets of transparent ceramic are applied to fix a metal wire to the teeth. It was a less visual prosthetic and was functional more or less. However, after achieving the required results, the user had to visit the dentist to remove the wires and brackets.

The most modern development in this field was invisible teeth braces or often called dental aligners. These braces are made up of a thermostable plastic material transparent to the eye and fit snugly onto the teeth. It is a set of clear plastic trays. Due to this fitting, it is not easily visible. However, the wearer has to follow specific instructions during and after their use.

Their functioning mechanism remains the same: all these braces put continuous but little pressure on the teeth to gradually place them in their new positions.

General Manufacturing Of Invisible Teeth Braces

As said earlier, the invisible braces were manufactured from a specialized thermostable plastic material. The best quality teeth retainer in Jaipur is prepared according to their wearer’s need by utilizing computer software. This program directs a milling machine to prepare the invisible braces as per the data provided by a digital scan projection. Usually, a numbered set of these invisible teeth braces is supplied to the patient. The settings are to be continuously changed every week or two, and the patient has to wear the braces for 20 – 22 hours daily. You can remove it only during eating and completing oral hygiene practices.

The Advantages Of Invisible Braces

Invisible teeth braces were first developed in the ’90s, and different companies have prepared various versions. The latest versions are sturdier and take less time to finish their job. In addition, one can list other benefits of these braces as:

  • Adults and teens wanting straighter teeth must use braces but may not like to show it to everyone. This demand is fulfilled by invisible braces, which can beautify crooked teeth without diminishing their smile, along with their confidence.
  • Patients suffering from crowded teeth, overbites, spacing, crossbites, underbites, and other dental issues can use invisible braces.
  • Patients can observe the continuing advancement and shift of the teeth into their designated places. They continue using the aligner trays more as they see the developments themselves.
  • The aligner trays are removable, and therefore the patient can eat any food they want. However, old-fashioned metal braces are non-removable, and difficult to clean (because of the trapping of food in the metal brackets and wires). As a result, they cannot have certain types of food while wearing them. Moreover, often the food lodged in the metal braces reduces the aesthetic appeal of their smile. 
  • Cleaning, flossing, and brushing are easier with invisible dental braces than the traditional metal ones.
  • Metal braces can stick out inside the mouth and can scratch or puncture the oral cavity. Invisible braces are made up of clear and smooth thermostable plastic, which doesn’t cause any injury inside the mouth.
  • Invisible braces take about one to one-and-half years to properly straighten the teeth compared to metal braces, which take three to 5 years. However, the entire plan is computerized, so the patients already know what to expect and its time. 

The Disadvantages Of Invisible Teeth Braces

Like other prosthetics, invisible dental braces have certain shortcomings. They are as follows:

  • Invisible dental braces are most effective in treating mild to moderate disfiguration. Patients who have big tooth spaces or large overbites may not show significant effects. Teeth rotated more than 20 degrees or angled more than 45 degrees have a better chance of remission with traditional metal braces.
  • Invisible retainers may be more problematic for patients with porcelain veneers and crowns.
  • Invisible braces may not appropriately treat sloped, short, slanted, or hung teeth.
  • The patient may face temporary speech problems.
  • Any dental treatment would have to be completed before applying invisible teeth braces as the change in shape may affect the attachment of these braces.
  • It may be problematic for invisible teeth brace users to remove the attachment during a meal in a public setting.

Visiting The Best Clinic

Teeth braces are manufactured specifically for a patient, so it is crucial to get them from an experienced clinic. Contact Dr. Nawal’s Dental Clinic to get the best treatment and top-quality transparent braces in Jaipur. With the assistance of the most proficient dental technicians, you can get the best treatment for any dental issue.

SMILE SPOILERS like improper alignment of teeth, spacing between teeth, broken teeth, old fillings, attrition or wearing of enamel of teeth, smoking stains, yellow teeth, black gums, protruding teeth, jaw size discrepancies, gummy smile, fluorosis etc can be corrected and mended using a host of treatments like braces, veneers, bleaching and depigmentation.

Technological advancements are slowly decreasing the need for unsightly braces. Invisible aligners like INVISALIGN have done away with fixed wires and made the treatment invisible. Aligners are removable, transparent, do not cause food lodging, easier to maintain and patient acceptance is also better. Wilkodontics can decrease the duration of alignment treatment to as short as three months. VENEERS are instant smile correction techniques to make your smile radiant with the shape and size to suit your facial structure.

Anti-ageing treatments – restoration of lower facial height lost due to loss of enamel. LASER tooth whitening procedures are long lasting.

Most cosmetic problems also indicate an underlying functional problem – corrections will offer a better quality of life, early detection in childhood can simplify treatment.

BAD BREATH AND BLEEDING GUMS indicate gum disease which will soon lead to tooth loss. It may be due to aging, diabetes, pregnancy or genetics.

Technological advancements like LASERS ensures faster healing, less bleeding. Microscopic Dentistry improves precision. Nowadays targeted treatments and growth factors from one’s own body are also used for rapid healing. Cell culture technology are the latest developments.

Gum disease is usually due to plaque and calculus accumulation around the teeth. If addressed early, the tooth can be saved. Delay in treatment will result in tooth fall.

Sensitivity is usually an early symptom of decay, gum recession, over-zealous brushing or hard clenching or grinding habit.

Technological advancement like LASER Desensitisation, Dental loupes assisted root coverage procedures, tooth coloured fillings can cure sensitivity and save the teeth.

Before blindly following what the advertiser in the television tells, it is mandatory to check for the underlying reason and treat the same. In gum recession covering of the exposed, sensitive part of the root by gum treatments is done. Ignoring the symptom or resorting to over the counter relief measures – almost always leads to tooth loss.

PAIN in the tooth or mouth is usually due to deep decay in the tooth, wisdom tooth eruption, food collection inside gum pockets, ulcers or cracked tooth. The dentist will examine you and may need to take an x-ray to check the spread of infection.

Technological advancements like apex locators, flexible rotary tools, laser root canal, microscope assisted dentistry, have reduced the duration of treatment and the discomfort involved. Precious Metal Crowns improve durability and ensure zero allergies.

Do not use over the counter medication to treat dental pain. Clove oil cannot stop the spread of infection. If the cause of the pain is found early, the tooth can be restored to normal function.

Treatment Option

Root Canal Treatment

With luxurious ambiance, A-star hospitality, the Nawal’s Dental is a completely inimitable experience in Dentistry. Everything from the quality of the smiles that greet you to the smiles that leave the place is of a much higher stature.

With sophisticated technology and finest dentist in the world we practice almost painless procedure for a precise outcome. Our specialist in smile designing, laser dentistry, and sedation dentistry are determined to restore confident smile and to offset pain from dental procedures.

Now it is time for you to move over ordinary dental care, to get over your fear of dentists, to forget about cramped dental offices, painful treatments, and fear of catching infection due to a non-sterile atmosphere, inadequate infrastructure, and ill experienced dentists. It is time for you to Come and experience the dental care beyond the ordinary.

Fast Dental Treatment

Keeping up with changing times and tight schedules of patients, we have endeavored to keep treatment time and visits minimal. This in no way has been by virtue of compromising treatment quality. On the contrary, the best of machinery and materials have been sourced to ensure faster and more efficient working with the best possible end result.

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