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By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

The Procedures and Side Effects for a Smile Makeover

A smile is what breaks the ice in a first introduction, and often a beautiful smile can become the deciding factor in a discussion. Having a pleasant smile will require properly arranged teeth, uniform color, and proper alignment. Having all the teeth is also an important factor. However, all these factors may not be present naturally in a person. Modern dentistry has several devices and techniques to give someone a smile makeover, which can be availed from the best clinic providing cosmetic dental treatment in Jaipur, as per need. 

Smile makeover – the points to keep in mind

Smile makeover allows its user to design their smile; which can require different branches of dentistry. The main notion behind this branch of dentistry is to bolster the confidence of the patient to smile in front of others. The reasons, as said before, can be anything from a chipped tooth, bad oral health, to genetic diseases, however, the discipline of a smile makeover can give a solid boost up to the aesthetics and confidence of the patient. Some of the points that need to be kept in mind before a smile makeover can be given as;

  • The treatments required to provide the patient with a smile makeover will depend upon the extent and type of problem faced by the patient, which can also include surgery. Otherwise, different cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, fillings, bonding, bridges, and implants may be suggested by the dentist. It is better to consider the suggestions of the dentist providing proficient cosmetic dental treatment in Jaipur for your smile treatment.
  • A smile makeover does not take into account only the design of your smile but all the necessary factors as well. For example, the patients’ complexion, overall appearance, the color of the gum tissue, lip shape and color, and even hair color is taken into consideration. It is better to consult an experienced orthodontist to get the correct decision. 
  • The dentist will first treat other issues related to diseases of the teeth and gum before they can work on correcting the smile. This can be gum diseases, inflammation of the gums, bad breath, bruxism, and many others. Existing jaw pain or any untreated tooth pain will first be corrected by the dentist. This step is essential and often required for a long-lasting and effective smile makeover procedure.

The techniques

As said earlier, a smile makeover may require one or more procedures to correct existing conditions. There are several methods to do this, and below given are a little description about them:

  • Dental veneer: It is a very thin shell of porcelain or composite material, often colored the same as the teeth. It is fixed to the dental surfaces to rectify issues like worn enamel, improper tooth alignment, and spacing, discoloration of tooth, cracks, and chips. 
  • Composite bonding: It is the permanent attachment of dental materials to the surface of the teeth, either by using a curative light or by applying adhesive materials. This is used by dentists to correct issues like a chipped or cracked teeth, discoloration, and stained teeth. Some dentists use an impression of the patients’ teeth and a model of their desired smile to provide the required result. Depending upon the bonding procedures, the patients may have to visit the best clinic of smile orthodontics in Jaipur one or multiple times.
  • Dental implants: This is considered a branch of prosthetic dentistry. These are artificial tooth roots that are used to put on a crown or tooth from the outside. Usually, these are applied in case of missing teeth, which is a big factor in a person’s decision to smile openly. With the help of this technique, dentists can fill up the empty spaces of the oral cavity and design a proper smile makeover. 
  • Teeth whitening: It’s usually a pleasing view to see the smile of dazzling white teeth. However, due to food consumption and other habits, the color of the teeth starts to darken over time. In a smile makeover protocol, this is also taken care of by the dentist. The patients can use either professional-grade teeth whitening from the best clinic of smile orthodontics in Jaipur or buy over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Either way, the presence of clear and impressively white teeth is important to design a successful smile makeover. 

The side effects

As the smile makeover procedure may use or more prosthetic or cosmetic dental procedure, the risks associated also mirrors the ones linked with them. With the inclusion of chemicals and prosthetic devices, there is a constant probability of dental infection. Otherwise, the skill and experience of the dentist also play a significant part. Some of the side effects of a smile makeover can be listed as:

  • There may be increased sensitivity in the teeth. 
  • Irritation in the gums has also been reported in some cases. 
  • The accompanying antibiotics can give rise to gastric problems. 
  • The use of surgery to put in the implants may increase the risk of infection. 
  • Failing in the care of the implants may decrease the longevity of them.

Using professional assistance

Often, a smile can be ruined because of misaligned teeth, discolored or stained teeth, and smile lines with improper aesthetics. However, with the extensive care of the dentists providing top-quality smile orthodontics in Jaipur and the appropriate maintenance, it is possible to maintain the results of the smile makeover for an extensive time. 

By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

Prosthodontic Treatment 

Missing a few teeth due to some accident? Planning to rectify the states of the broken teeth? Then you must come to us at the Nawal’s Ivory Dental Clinic, where we provide all types of Prosthodontic treatment available. Our list of treatments is long and is provided by the most proficient and experienced dental technicians for Prosthodontic Treatment in Jaipur. 

Getting full-fledged treatment

Our clinic is not just a place to get zirconia crowns for front teeth or crowns for an unstable tooth. We give complete service in all of the required methods for the prosthetic treatment of the affected teeth. Our total vista of rehabilitative services are expanded into greater horizons, which can be listed as;

  1. Diagnosis of the debilitating conditions.
  2. Planning and initiating the required treatment.
  3. Restoration of the damaged teeth or oral cavity parts.
  4. Preservation of the comfort, appearance, and clinical conditions associated with missing/ or incomplete teeth.
  5. Selection and successful installation of the biocompatible substitutes.

Therefore, if you require more and in-depth services other than just having your teeth capped with metal and ceramic crown in Jaipur, you should always consult us.

The Prosthodontic methods available

We provide the most sophisticated dental prosthesis and carefully choose the required treatments for a particular patient. There are many equally critical surgical regimens available to treat the damaged teeth, and we are prepared to administer them as and when needed. The techniques of Prosthodontic regimens provided by us can be listed as;

Dental Implants

These are synthetic devices applied to replace the missing teeth and are usually made of zirconia or titanium and are installed into the jawbone. The implants act as a structural backing for the prosthetic crowns. We have the best instruments and workforce available to complete this modern method of replacing damaged teeth.

The Prosthodontic implants installed by us provide more improved functions. A few of them are mentioned below;

  1. We offer the best-quality implants with zirconia dental cap in Jaipur, which functions just like natural teeth.
  2. Our implants provide the correct balance of forces to prevent bone loss.
  3. We install the implants to wield appropriate pressure on the jawbone and maintain the chewing function properly.
  • Dental Crowns

These are prosthetic attachments for the teeth used to restore its shape, size, and appearance. They are applied to the damaged tooth due to decay, injuries, or just continued application. The attachments are made from a variety of materials, including zirconia, titanium, and even semi-precious stones. The main reasons for us for applying metal fused ceramic crowns in Jaipur to damaged teeth are as follows;

  1. We try to protect an already decaying tooth or a partially broken tooth from more damage.
  2. Restoration of a broken or already severely impaired tooth.
  3. Covering or supporting a tooth with a substantial filling.
  4. Supporting the position of a dental bridge.
  5. Layering severely deformed and discolored teeth or covering an already existing dental implant.
  6. Providing cover to a tooth that has been treated with a root canal procedure.

Our crowns are installed such that the new structure exactly resembles the structure and function of the replaced tooth. Our dental experts not only maintains the aesthetics of the tooth but retains the essential tasks like slicing and grinding. Our dental crowns are designed to feel and look like a natural tooth and are made up of metal with a ceramic coating.

Other materials for the implants

We also provide sturdy dental implants that function as a working replacement tooth. Some of these are mentioned below;

  • Zirconia: Used as a replacement for diamonds, this material has been adapted to resemble a natural tooth’s properties. We also provide the most updated, more defined, metal-free zirconia for our clients as per need.
  • Precious metals: Usually, the metal used to make the interiors of the crown is a base metal. Our expert dentists can design crowns made up of precious metal. Although more costly, these metals are safer in terms of contact allergy and loss of color of the gum. Our full-gold crowns are a favorite of many of our clients.
  • Semi-precious metal: Would like to have a better-quality crown than base-metal but unsure about the cost? We also provide economical yet fully-functional options in semi-precious alloy crowns.

Visit our clinic today 

Our dentists provide with the dental prosthesis and act on all the elements that make up for a beautiful smile. The dental prosthesis we provide is of the best brand and suitable to the person needing it. So, if you need to replace your damaged teeth but keep the functions intact, give us a call as soon as possible. No matter how intricate the treatment, we will make sure to extend the best possible assistance. 


By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Periodontal Plastic Surgery is just like other reconstructive surgeries; however, the procedure not only beautify the appearance of the soft tissues but help to maintain the teeth, treat the sensitivity of the teeth, and improve the aesthetics of your smile. 

We, at Nawal’s Ivory Dental Clinic, provide our clients with all the comprehensive services needed for their oral health. Our team of dental technicians and surgeons are experienced in completing the most proficient Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Jaipur. We have the arrangements to present any type of reconstructive oral surgery required for the improvement of their oral condition.

The curative dental methods

In the cases mentioned above, an operation to place gum tissue and other surgical procedures to cover the roots is applied according to the situation available. Other than concealing the roots, they are applied to reduce the recession of gum tissue and prevent the decay of vulnerable tissues. 

The natural arrangement of the gum and jaw can be corrected by a procedure known as “dental ridge augmentation”. This procedure is needed to create the natural silhouette of the jawline; which can be supplemented with a new tooth. Our prosthetic teeth are of top-quality, easy-to-maintain, and look great. 

Some of our services

Many defects may require the skill of a proficient dental surgeon providing the best plastic aesthetic periodontal and implant surgery. Our surgeons at first have a conversation and inform the patients about the extent of their damages, and then suggest the most effective gum cosmetic surgery in Jaipur. From the arrangement of the teeth to the coverage of exposed roots, our clinic can provide you with the reconstructive surgical solution to any problem. Some of the basic procedure we provide are listed as;

  • Correcting Uneven gum line or “gummy smile”

This problem occurs essentially when the teeth are covered by an amount of gum not observed normally in the oral cavity. That’s why, when someone having this condition smiles, the gum is shown more than the teeth. For some, it may not be an optimum situation that needs surgical intervention. Herein, we can provide you with the most comprehensive dental services. The surgical procedure to correct this condition may be applied for the following conditions also;

  1. Your teeth may look shorter than normal.
  2. Your gum may cover some teeth more than the usual amount but leave the other teeth intact.
  3. Your smile may look crooked or not up to the aesthetic you like. 

In all of these conditions, our clinic can provide the most effective dental crown lengthening procedure. In this treatment, the excess gum tissue is detached to uncover more crowns of the teeth. Then our doctors sculpt the gum line to give you the smile you are looking for. With the most potent medicines and exceptionally skilled medical practitioners, you are assured to get the best and all-encompassing cosmetic dental treatment in Jaipur. 

  • Uncovered roots

The main cause of exposed roots is the recession of the gums. This condition causes the root of the teeth to become bare and visible to the onlooker. The teeth start to look longer than usual and the patient looks older than he or she is. The principal reason for this occurrence can be listed as;

  1. Periodontal diseases are caused by bacteria that destroy the gum tissue and the skeletal support holding the teeth in place. The symptoms may range from swollen, dark, or red coloration, feeling of tenderness upon touching, and continuous foul odor from the mouth. 
  2. Brushing improperly and with unnecessary force. Vigorous brushing may cause the enamel to erode and the gums to recede. This can be prevented early by using the correct method as prescribed by our in-house dentist. However, if the problem needs surgical intervention, then it is better to consult our doctors providing top-quality gum cosmetic surgery in Jaipur. 
  3. Individuals with the habit of chewing or smoking teeth have more chances of developing sticky plaque, which ultimately causes gum recession.
  4. Due to misaligned teeth, a bite may cause the gums and the surrounding teeth to be subjected to unevenly placed forces, which may also cause receding teeth. 

Choosing the best clinic

All of these conditions can be remedied by the application of proper dental care and healthy habits. Our most proficient dental hygienist can provide the most operational tips and guidelines in this sector. For the surgical reconstruction part, our team of experienced doctors is always available to assist you. 

We ensure that our patients are given a thorough check-up followed by proper consultation. Our charges are the most reasonable considering the extensive tests and checks we perform before going on to dental surgery. So, contact us to book your slot and get an all-incorporating dental checkup and required periodontal plastic surgery, so you can flash your dazzling smile with confidence! 

By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

TMJ Joint Rehabilitation

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is a part of the oral cavity which is used more than the other ones. It is involved in activities like chewing, talking, and others associated with the movement of the jawbone and mouth. The joint is like a sliding hinge that joins your jawbone to the skull, and problems in this particular joint may need the assistance of the most skilled TMJ doctor in Jaipur. 

Our team of dentists at the Nawal’s Ivory Dental Clinic provides the most comprehensive and in-depth treatment for TMJ disorders. We ensure that our clients are provided with appropriate cosmetic and surgical treatments from our clinic. 

The cause and treatment

There is no particular cause for the onset of TMJ problems, however, our clinic has the most up-to-date and effective methods of TMJ disorder treatment in Jaipur. Usually, the main causes that give rise to this particular condition are injury, genetic factors, arthritis, or a combination of all these issues. Another important reason for this condition is known as bruxism or clenching and grinding of teeth due to jaw pain. 

Our doctors find out the correct reason for the problem and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Often, the pain and discomfort may be corrected by simple self-management and non-surgical treatments; while in some cases, surgical treatments are the only solution. We provide the most skilled assistance for any type of TMJ problem. 

Convalescence procedures

The surgical method for TMJ dysfunction in Jaipur is applied when conditions become important. With the most modern instruments and proficient manpower, we are equipped to provide you with the needed dental treatment. Some of the treatment regimens we can provide our clients are;

  • Occlusal Rehabilitation

The term means the way the upper mandible and lower jaw come together during a bite or closing our mouth. Improperly removed, eroded, and poorly restored teeth can cause increased pressure on the TMJ joint. This pressure can result in increased headaches in the patient. Surgically, this bite or occlusion may be corrected and our skilled doctors can provide you relief from the chronic jaw joint pain in Jaipur by reducing the constantly acting stress.

  • Dentures 

These are prosthetic devices used for replacing the missing teeth from the patients’ oral cavity and are assisted in their position by the adjoining soft and hard tissues. Our clinic provides all of the continuing and new-age methods associated with installing removable fake teeth in Jaipur. Depending on the function and the use, there are several types of dentures the patients can get from our clinic. Some of the prosthetic and replica teeth provided by our most popular clinic can be listed as;

  1. Partial Denture
    We provide the best quality and top-grade dentures to our clients. When they are used to substitute a few of the absent teeth, the arrangement is called a partial denture. Although they are generally prepared from inflexible acrylic, we can provide dentures made from other lightweight and sturdy materials for our patients. Our skilled dentists ensure proper fitting of these dentures in the patient’s mouth.
  2. Flexible dentures
    These types of dentures are prepared by improving some of the characteristics of the traditional hard acrylic dentures. These products from our clinic are manufactured by putting together a few additives to make the dentures more yielding. Apart from the flexibility, the dentures are handled and can be fitted more easily compared to the rigid ones. We arrange for top-quality products for our clients.
  3. Complete Denture
    This procedure involves the replacement of the complete set of teeth from the oral cavity with artificially prepared dentures. The prosthetics used are usually prepared by compression molding of the rigid acrylic after preparation of the denture template by the lost wax method. We ensure that our surgical intervention works just as well as the original ones. 
  4. BPS Dentures
    Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) Dentures or BPS dentures are a new system of replacing the damaged teeth of the oral cavity. These dentures are more effective for the surgical replacement of the existing broken teeth. Some of its functionalities are mentioned below; 
  • Artistically higher-grade partial or complete denture with full functionality and comfort.
  • Impeccable degree of flexibility with the provision of adjusting as per need.
  • Clasps of tissue-colored materials are attached with something which blends with the gum. Metal claps are used as little as possible. 
  • More resistant to oral joint forces and hard to break.

Other than these, we also provide our patients with cast partial dentures, over dentures, and obturators to aid in their damages to the roof of their mouth. 

Visit our clinic today!

There are many dental clinics in the locality, but our dental institution is the most popular. We provide our clients with the most modern instruments and assistance in our field. So, if you need dental services and an effective TMJ Joint Rehabilitation, all you have to do is contact us to get targeted treatments!

By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

How to Impart Good Oral Health Habits in Kids

As a parent, it is our job to instill good habits in our kids. It should consist of good moral values, etiquette, and knowledge to take care of their body. This part should not only include eating healthy or exercising regularly but to take care of their physical as well as mental health. One of the most important parts of the body, which an infant must know from his/her childhood, is the teeth and oral cavity. The reason? Well, after the milk teeth fall off, this part can stay strong and healthy right up to old age, often without the need of ultrasonic teeth cleaning altogether.

The food and sweets

Kids love sweets, there are no two ways about it. However, the parents have to make the children understand the value of brushing their teeth after every bite of candies or toffees. It is now very common knowledge that these sweets or fast foods produce acid in the oral cavity, and this acid erodes the teeth and enamel. If proper care is not taken, it could well destroy the teeth of the kid in the later ages. Still, putting a stop to the eating of sweets will be counterproductive, because that would be robbing them of their childhood pleasures. Instilling a few good habits to take proper care of their teeth will be enough. 

The practices to teach the kids

Kids are generally full of curiosity, and if anything takes their fancy, they quickly take to that activity. Intimidating or threatening them doesn’t work in the long run and is often harmful than beneficial. So, it is would be best to make the practices to take care of their teeth a fun activity. Children with strong teeth require less medical help in their later life, although one can get the necessary treatment for various oral problems including mouth smell treatment in Jaipur from the most popular clinic. Let us know some of the ways one can instill good oral habits into the children;

  1. Start in the first year
    Good oral care must be started right from the first year of the baby when they cannot do it by themselves. Even newborn babies can develop tooth decay, especially if they are put to bed with a bottle. Although it may be convenient for the parents, the sugars from the milk can get coated onto the babies’ teeth and cause tooth decay. This condition is often known as “bottle mouth”. To counter it, the babies’ gums should be wiped with a washcloth properly. The pacifier shouldn’t be dipped in honey or sugar before giving it to the baby. The babies should be given a look-over by a dentist from the first year, or earlier if their teeth have sprouted. 
  2. Procure kid-friendly supplies
    The training to brush their teeth can be started from the age of two or three. It would be a great idea to let them choose their toothpaste, toothbrush, and even the rinsing cup. Start their dental care journey using a soft-bristled toothbrush for the kids. For small kids, the sharp flavor of fluoride toothpaste may not sit well. You can buy them toothpaste made especially for kids with fruity flavors. Keep an eye so that they do not swallow the toothpaste. After a while, they will want to brush by themselves; let them. Just keep in mind to brush it again after they have finished as they are prone to missing the troubled areas.
    Train them to brush at least twice a day and floss also. Monitor their food habit and fill their diet with healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, cheese which strengthen the teeth. Limit sugar and sweet drink consumption, instead provide them milk and water, as they are good for the teeth. These practices can prevent a visit to a dental clinic for gum cosmetic surgery in Jaipur.
    Although, fluoride toothpaste needs to be introduced in the brushing habits of the child as it is proven to be effective against the development of cavities. As said earlier, children can put too much in their toothpaste and swallow it. This can cause permanent discoloration of the teeth. You can put a little on their toothbrushes when they are going to brush and keep an eye on the swallowing.
    When the kids have learned to spit the foam after brushing and not swallow it, then they can be given the full amount of fluoride toothpaste, provided it does not cause any harm to them.  
  3. Brush then floss
    Children should learn to enjoy the activities of dental care. Brushing is important of the practice, but flossing is required to clean the food debris from the hard-to-reach places of the teeth. As a parent, you should teach them the benefit of brushing and then flossing. You can start with brushing and then move on to flossing. At first, you can show them the correct procedure to do it. Standing behind them while they brush their teeth is also a good way to monitor their technique. After they have mastered it, make it a practice to floss at least twice a day. 
  4. Make dental care exciting
    Children respond to exciting and fun activities, which could be extrapolated onto the brushing activities as well. Brush and floss in front of them and tell them how fun the activity it is. They will be motivated to join you in the teeth care activity. You can even make up stories with mythical characters about how brushing their teeth helped them from monsters of cavities and teeth problems.
    Show them the correct technique to brush and floss. Your excitement should voluntarily make them join. Often, brushing for a long time may seem boring to a child and they may object, but that can be solved with small rewards. However, do not give the kids candies or sodas.
  5. Schedule dental appointments
    Every dentist agrees that the dental care of the children should start from an early age and must be conducted at least twice a year. It is best to choose the most preferred dental clinic in your locality. For example, if you live near Jaipur, then you should go to the best clinic for repairing tooth decay in Jaipur with your child’s dental checkup. The clinic should have a fun environment and kid-friendly arrangements, including smiling technicians and nurses.
    The dentist checkup should be started when the age of the kids ranges from six months to one year old. Starting early with their dental care provides the necessary advantage in the long run and will become a part of the child’s normal dental care schedule. You may also have to visit the dental clinic for any dental accidents like broken or cracked teeth, or biting something too hard. Starting early intervention in form of dentist visits will prevent any permanent damage and reduce the pain of your child, especially if he or she needs front tooth cavity filling in Jaipur. 

Choosing a great clinic

With the instilling of good oral practices in the children, comes the periodical checkup. As said earlier, the practice of visiting the dentist should be started from an early age. Your dental care clinic should have a kids section as well. Otherwise, it would be the best step to find the most skilled and experienced doctor for kids in your locality. 

By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

Replacing Missing Teeth – Things You Need To Know

In conversation or making a first impression, a beautiful smile makes all the difference. For a smile that is liked by everyone, a properly arranged set of teeth will be needed. Therefore, if a tooth is broken or injured, then it would seriously hamper the aesthetics of the smile. These kinds of problems can now be corrected with the able assistance of orthodontists excelling in front tooth replacement in Jaipur. 

Their skills are unmatched in this regard and they have all the arrangements to necessitate a replacement of missing teeth- depending upon the site of injury and the number of teeth needing replacement. 

Problems that can occur for missing teeth

The event of missing teeth does more than only changing the appearance of the face. When the reason behind the loss is gum disease, injury, extensive decay of tooth, or any predisposed genetic condition, the effect can occur into more serious levels. For one thing, the alignment of the teeth will be affected negatively, giving rise to greater problems. 

Any missing teeth, if not corrected, can cause the shifting of teeth in the empty spaces, gradual loss of speaking ability, reduction in speech quality, improper chewing, and reduction of the integrity of your jawbone. 

The solutions

Medical science now has several surgical implements that can help in solving this problem, such as:

  • Dental implants

One of the commonest methods of tooth replacement, dental implants are designed to look and feel like a real tooth. This method can be used in places where the replacement of one or more teeth at different areas is necessary. With proper care, dental implants can remain functional for life. The dentist replaces the root of the tooth with metal screws, which acts as an anchor for the artificial tooth to be placed on top of it. The implants will have to be left to heal for a few months after the screws have been placed. After it has been fused strongly with the jawbone and completely healed, a dental crown will be placed securely on top of the implant and attached with it. 

The procedure has its ups and downs. The implant works almost like the original tooth, and it can be utilized for a long time. However, as the crown wouldn’t be placed until the wound has healed, it would take a long time and several visits to the dentist’s office for the process to complete. Also, as this requires the drilling of jawbones, there is a chance of infection too. 

  • Implant-supported bridge

An implant-supported bridge is the process dentists recommend if multiple teeth are to be replaced. Here the two end teeth are secured in place with the implant, but the teeth in the middle remain unsupported. The method is more economical and provides a natural look, with as effective functionality as a dental implant, but without the extensive labor and cost of putting one in each teeth. Still, the bridges are not permanent and will need replacing after a certain time, necessitating numerous visits to the dentists. 

  • Removable Partial denture

This is among the cheapest and relatively simpler options to replace missing teeth, even more than one. The function is like that of dental implants. The external arrangements are clamped into the empty spaces of the teeth, which ensures that the false teeth are held into place properly. These contraptions can be added with new artificial teeth in the future, saving time and money. 

They are also easy to repair and replace, in case any damage is sustained by the existing pair. However, the dentures can feel uncomfortable to the wearer. They are required to be taken out and cleaned every night. The metal clasps are visible, so the teeth do not blend easily like dental implants. 

  • Tooth-supported bridge

The tooth-supported bridge utilizes the existing teeth to form a dental bridge, rather than putting two separate implants in the jawbone. A crown is placed on teeth, situated next to the missing ones, and the whole thing is fixed into place. It is a more economical approach to the missing teeth replacement, as it gives a similar feel to the dental implants without its excessive costs. There is no surgery required, so the process is less invasive and painful. However, the process also has some drawbacks. 

The adjacent teeth can become damaged if the bridge is not fitted properly. Moreover, they may have to be filed to size for the crown to fit, which can cause later infection. Also, the wearer will have to be extra careful about the cleaning, which could again lead to infection and bone loss in the future. 

Using professional help

A tooth can get damaged due to a variety of reasons. Whatever may be the cause, missing teeth can reduce confidence and cause other complications. Fortunately, there are now quite a few clinics providing the most modern Dental Implants in Jaipur. Using the skills of the professionals will ensure that the required cosmetic procedure will be completed properly. 

By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

Detailed Guide on How to Choose Your Dental Crown

The fast-paced life people live today does not leave any place for the proper maintenance of your physique. One of the most important parts which are also ignored in this case is the teeth. The staple diet of today’s generation is full of sugar and acidic foods. Quite naturally, their tooth suffers from problems at a very early age and often needs to be extracted or replaced with a prosthesis to maintain its natural structure and function. 

Often, the teeth are required to get a fitting by a crown. Although it is often the last step of the dental treatment, it is better to select the most proficient clinic for putting up metal and ceramic crown in Jaipur. 

Dental crown: what is it?

A dental crown is essentially a cap or a top covering customized to fit into a patient’s tooth. Usually, it is applied to restore the broken tooth’s shape and size, intensify its strength, and enhance performance. Often the crown is temporarily attached to the teeth at first; after a successful operation, a permanent one is cemented into place which protects the tooth for a lifetime. The choice of the dental crown, especially its material, is best decided after a consultation with the most experienced dentist in your locality.

The different utilities of dental crown

Dental crowns are essentially coverings used to shield and protect the damaged tooth from further problems. It is applied usually at the end of every procedure. However, it has many other uses, some of which are listed below:

  • It is used to cap large cavities which cannot be remedied by filling only.
  • When missing teeth requires a dental bridge. 
  • Dental implants are covered by dental crowns
  • To protect broken, weakened, or feeble teeth.
  • Rebuilding of the tooth after a root canal.
  • To assist in cosmetic procedures like changing discolored or misshapen teeth.
  • Crowns are also used in pediatric dentistry like the case where baby teeth are damaged by decay 
  • A crown may be appropriate for extreme cases where a dental surgery becomes necessary due to poor oral hygiene or aversion to general anesthesia is detected. 

Different types of crowns

Depending on their uses, the dental crowns are divided into the following categories, as follows;

Temporary crowns

These crowns are installed after the dentists have prepared the teeth for them. The teeth are shaven to provide a proper base for the crown, and the temporary crowns are then installed. Their function is to protect the shaved teeth from damage and ensuring the maintenance of the function until the installation of the permanent crowns. Because of their short period of usage, the crowns are made from less costly materials like acrylic and other metals.

Permanent crowns

These crowns are made from materials designed to last longer than the temporary crowns like ceramic, resin, porcelain, and other metal-infused structure. The dentist will have to install the crown after it has been prepared.  Usually, the patient visits the dentist’s office where the temporary crowns are removed and the gums and teeth are cleaned thoroughly.  Thereafter, the dental crowns are attached with strong-acting dental adhesive. After the installation of the crowns, patients are released with aftercare instructions.

Different dental crown materials and their properties

The materials of dental crowns are different and their cost differs accordingly. The crowns are also needed to be chosen according to the patient’s needs, the procedure applied, and the affordability of the patient. 

So, let us know about the properties of the different crown materials, as given below;

  • Gold crowns

You will find a blend of metals such as copper, nickel, and chromium in gold crowns. They are preferred for the following characteristics:

  1. Strength and resistance.
  2. Long-lasting with proper care
  3. Less amount of natural teeth needs to be removed
  4. Like natural enamel, they wear down quite naturally. 
  5. They are perfect for back teeth restoration. However, because of low aesthetic value, they aren’t much preferred. 
  • Porcelain crowns

These crowns are nowadays the most preferred in the dentistry circles. They have the following advantages:

  • They have a natural look and are also similar to your natural teeth in color, shape and size. 
  • Those looking for front-teeth restoration can opt for these crowns. 
  • The crowns are non-toxic. 

If you care for them extensively, then these crowns will serve you for a long time. However, their strength is much lesser compared to metal and gold crowns. 

  • Zirconia crowns

Zirconia crowns imbibe their strength from metal crowns. However, their aesthetic beauty is just like porcelain crowns. Although, the choice should be made after consulting with an experienced dentist. So, if you are thinking of opting for zirconia crowns for front teeth, you should first consult with your orthodontist. Nowadays, you can get them in translucent zirconia as well as layered zirconia varieties. They are preferred for the following properties:

  1. They are natural-looking and provide great aesthetics.
  2. They have less possibility of chipping and breaking.      
  3. They are less expected to erode due to their strength.
  4. The process takes less time as the zirconia can be shaped in the dentist’s chamber
  5. These crowns have biocompatible properties and there are no allergic reactions.

On the other hand, the teeth on which they bite down can weaken easily. In some cases, solid zirconia is observed to have difficulty in adjusting. 

Selecting the proper clinic

Attaching the crown may seem like an unimportant procedure, however, it provides a permanent structure to the teeth operated on. It is best to consult and install your metal and ceramic crown in Jaipur from the most popular and efficient clinic. 


By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

Dental Implants: Single Tooth Replacement to Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Are you having issues with your sparkling teeth? Is it becoming problematic to chew and ingest your food? Is it affecting the smile and your confidence in an extension? Then there is a great solution for your problem. With the new-age and most modern Dental Implants in Jaipur, you can get the most effective solution for all types of problems of your oral health. 

Dental implants: Understanding what they are

There are empty places in a tooth, and specialized structures known as dental implants can fill them. A dental surgeon will insert the implant into the jawbone by screw-like devices. This will be a scaffold for the artificial teeth or crown. The artificial tooth is connected to the dental implant through a metal abutment. The crown is custom-prepared to match the color of the patient’s teeth and fit in the mouth of the patient. The most comfortable Dental Implants in Jaipur are distinct from the other artificial teeth in the following ways;

  • The implants are much more natural and comfortable.
  • The patient experiences better function.
  • Lower probability of caries development on nearby teeth.
  • Better maintenance of the bone.
  • A decrease in sensitivity cases in neighboring teeth. 

Dental implants, however, are not applicable for everyone. The implanting devices and jawbone has to bond together. So, it is better to consult a skilled physician to know the exact model of treatment. 

The major types of implants 

Dental implants comes in various sizes and shapes, and are constructed out of different materials. However, if you are looking for an umbrella category, full denture implants in Jaipur and other dental apparatus falls under two general categories, which can be divided as;

  • Endosteal implants

These implants are the most common type of implants. They can get embedded in the jawbone, and each of these implants can support one or more artificial teeth. 

  • Subperiosteal implant

When the implant is fixed on the top of the jawbone, it is called a subperiosteal implant. These are specialized implants used on top of the jawbone for people with lesser height in their jawbone. The false teeth are fixed to the post coming from the gum. 

Division of types according to the use

The dental implants can also be divided into types by the use they are subjected to. At the best clinics, you can find branded and international-standard samples for even full teeth implants in Jaipur. Our team of accomplished doctors and their assistants will make sure patients get top-class treatments. The different types of implants in this regard can be given as;

  • Implant for single tooth replacement

As the name suggests, these implants are used to replace one missing tooth from the oral cavity. The procedure is similar to the other implantation; a hole is made on the jawbone, a metal post is inserted in it, and the crown is attached to the top. The healing time is usually 3-4 months. The skilled dental surgeons place the crown with such precision that after healing, it looks and feels like just the original surrounding teeth. We use implants that replace the tooth from the root to the crown and ensure the comfort and painlessness of the patient throughout the procedure.

  • Implant-supported bridge: Multiple-teeth replacement:

This process becomes useful when multiple teeth in a row are missing out. In it, the crowns connect to the dental implants rather than attaching to the teeth themselves. An implant-supported bridge consists of two crowns holding a blank crown in-between, and two implants at the end of the gap are used to attach these crowns. The upside is that multiple missing teeth in a row could be replaced, but the absence of intermediate implants will result in bone mass loss. 

  • Full-mouth rehabilitation: implant retained denture

A denture is an artificial set of teeth that can be worn by a patient with all or most teeth missing. However, as they could be separated, they would have the chance of falling out, slipping, sliding, and clicking. At the top clinics, we made this a permanent solution. We strategically place four implants on the gum, allow for it to heal, and fix the whole denture onto it. You can enjoy your complete facial aesthetics with this permanent solution.

Where to get the best treatment? 

In Nawal’s Ivory Dental Clinic, we provide extensive services and have a proper collection of the different implants to be used as per the patient’s needs. Our team of proficient dental surgeons will help in installing all the required machinery and accessories to provide you with a complete list of dental services. We also provide specialized treatments like bone augmentation, ridge expansion, and in-depth imaging as per the need of the patients. 

You would get the most updated version of the required dental implants and the best instruments to attach them. Our team of proficient doctors is routinely performing these procedures successfully and without issues. If you are a viable candidate and need implants, then contact us without delay.

By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

Dental Diagnosis

The primary target of comprehensive dental care is to prevent the onset of any disease and to arrest the progression of existing dental issues. We, at the Nawal’s Ivory Dental Clinic, impress upon this fact and provide the most penetrating and result-producing diagnosis protocols for broken tooth treatment in Jaipur for our patients. Our pin-point cause detection of any issue helps our doctors to provide more effective treatment. 


Intraoral cameras

These are essentially small-sized, high-definition, flexible cameras that can be inserted into the mouth to capture magnified images of oral areas that are difficult to reach. They are powerful tools to detect and treat problems in the most troublesome corners of the mouth.

Our cameras and its associate software are the best in the field, and our technicians are doctors who are the most experienced. Our services are faster, better, and more precise than other concerns, and we take special care to get the most detailed image for the most appropriate diagnosis and cost of treatment. Some of the benefits you can have with our intraoral cameras are;

  • One of the bad names associated with dental treatment is pain. Often advanced cases of tooth decay are the cause of pain and require multiple seating to get treated completely. With our intraoral cameras, we can detect any worsening of dental health at an early stage and provide the best option for even a cracked tooth treatment in Jaipur. Moreover, with early detection, we can guarantee a much less painful procedure.
  • Images from our intraoral cameras are used to keep the most current dental record in our case files. Other than matching the effectiveness of our treatment over time, we can compare the already diagnosed images for easy detection from any future cases. 
  • The use of intraoral cameras makes our diagnosis the most accurate. We can even detect problems that are very difficult to recognize normally, like pulp exposure and vertical fractures, in the case of cracked tooth replace in Jaipur. With zooming capabilities up to 100 times, our cameras guarantee proper detection and appropriate treatment.


As per common knowledge, X-Rays have the power to penetrate soft tissue and provide an in-depth picture of the target, although the radiation itself is non-ionizing. The same also holds dental diagnosis for tooth fracture treatment in Jaipur as well. We can develop full-profile dental X-Rays of the upper and lower jaw, which help in detecting problems like wisdom teeth, internal cracks, checking the development of children’s jaw and teeth. Two of our most popular X-Ray treatment are given below;

Digital OPG

OPG or Orthopantomagram is the panoramic scanning of the lower and upper jaw. It consists of the detection of the problem related to dental bone structure, bone mineral density, and the diseases within the teeth and jaws. We can also visualize and diagnose any problems related to the nose, joints, sinuses, and salivary glands. With the best-quality machines and intelligent technicians to handle the diagnosis, we can assure you about the proper treatment for even basic dental problems.


RadioVisioGraphy or RVG is the area-dependent high-resolution X-Ray picture of the teeth, which is more precise and has a pinpointed area to scan and diagnose. Our instruments always provide the best resolution pictures in the field. With the help of our doctors and medical personnel, we are adept at using this technique to diagnose and treat several dental diseases. We have the most updated software and hardware to give our medical practitioners a crystal clear image of any problem in the oral cavity. With the digital nature of the images, we can store data for future references too.


  • Lasers

This method is the most updated one to date and is routinely used by us to treat the different dental problems of our patients. LASER is the acronym of Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation, which essentially uses directed light as a form of energy. We have state-of-the-art instruments that cut or vaporize the offending tissue from the affected site; with the detection and diagnosis of dental problems. Some of the procedures where we use LASERS are given below;

  • Removal of decay within a tooth and preparation of the surrounding enamel for receipt of feeling.
  • Reshaping of gums and removal of bacteria for the root canal procedure, especially for root fracture treatment in Jaipur.
  • Removal of tissues for biopsy, treating painful lesions, and relieving the pain of canker sores.
  • Speeding up the teeth whitening processes. 

Our processes are more effective than the dental drill and minimize swelling and bleeding in the soft tissues. Our treatments are at par with international standards and follow the most stringent safety profile. 

Call to action

We provide targeted service to ensure that our patients are thoroughly assessed and carefully evaluated their oral and systemic health. Our instruments are state-of-the-art and equipped to provide the most in-depth results, which helps a great deal to confirm that our patients get the most comprehensive treatment possible. So, coming to our clinic would be a great thing if you are suffering from any dental problem. 

By Dr. Rajesh Nawal

Important Information about Patient Care Post Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy or RCT has become a common name in the dental therapy circuit. Although it can sound painful and time-consuming, the procedure is painless and doesn’t take much time-depending upon the dental surgeon or the orthodontist. It is often used as a long-standing treatment for serious dental problems like infection in the pulp, abscesses in the tooth, contamination of the surrounding denture, and others. 

Symptoms that signify the requirement for root canal

Usually, a root canal is prescribed when the teeth are facing a serious problem and the procedure is designed to provide a long-lasting solution. The damage to the pulp is often the reason a root canal is needed, which can occur due to the following reasons;

  • Progressed decay due to a cavity that has been left untreated.
  • A crack or fissure in the teeth.
  • Injury due to eternal forces, which can injure the pulp without affecting the tooth. 
  • The teeth being subjected to more than one type of dental operation.
  • Swelling of the gums.
  • Sensitivity of the gums.

The dentist may take X- rays to confirm the diagnosis. Otherwise, it is not uncommon to seek the opinion of second orthodontist.

What steps are needed for RCT?

The root canal procedure takes place in the dentist’s office. After the proper disinfection and checking, the patient is put on the chair and covered with a cloth or bib. The dentist will apply a suitable anesthetic to numb the area of the teeth to be operated on. A short-lived pinching or burning sensation may be felt by the patient. 

Thereafter, once the anesthetic has taken effect, the dentist will create a small hole in the tooth, exposing the damaged and infected pulp; which they will clean with the use of specialized tools called files. All the pathways or canals of the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned by the orthodontist. The patient will not lose consciousness but will also not feel any pain.

After the cleaning, the dentist will apply an antibiotic to reduce and prevent any form of infection. The cleaned and disinfected tooth will be filled and sealed by the dentist. They may also prescribe oral antibiotics. The opening created at first by the dentist would be sealed by him to prevent damage by saliva.

Probable issues after RCT

RCT is usually a very effective procedure and has an impressive success rate. However, problems occurring after RCT are not unheard of. Let us know about some of the phenomena that can surface after the RCT has been completed:

  • If the damage has spread extensively or the enamel has weakened, the RCT may not be fruitful. 
  • Re-infection may occur due to faulty operations or improper antibiotics. Also, the bacteria present in the secondary infection may be resistant to the prescribed antibiotic.
  • The sealant or the filler may cause sensitivity in the patient’s oral tissues. 

The dentist providing root canal repair in Jaipur may opt for extraction if he or she feels the damage to be too severe. 

The care after root canal

RCT is depicted as a restorative procedure by dentists. People undergoing this procedure can have a life-time guarantee of treatment efficacy. However, it depends upon the care taken by the patient after the root canal. The care that should be taken after the root canal can be listed as follows:

  1. As root canal requires a surgical approach, mild pain may be felt after the anesthetic wears off. Tenderness or inflammation in the jaw is also common. The pain may be managed by over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen or general antibiotics; although other stronger narcotic may have to be used. If the pain persists longer, it is better to consult the dentist. Other problems that will require a dentist intervention can be listed as:
    – Pain or pressure lasting longer than a couple of days.
    – Detectable inflammation inside or outside the oral cavity.
    – Rash, hives, or itching due to the medication,
    – Uneven-feeling bite.
    – Loosening or coming out of the temporary crown or filling (although losing a single layer is ok).
    – Symptoms surfacing before treatment returns again.
  2. The foods to be taken after an RCT will require special attention too. Sensitivity may occur after treatment, which would need soft and easily digested food for the patient. Also, spicy foods should be best avoided by the patient. Hard and chewy foods can displace the filling in some patients. Softer foods like oatmeal, scrambled eggs, or soups should be ok. Also, the temperature of the food should be optimal, neither cold nor too much hot.
  3. Good oral healthcare should be followed just like before. Brushing and flossing twice a day cannot only work wonders but can prevent future procedures too. However, brushing and flossing should be done gently to avoid any dislodging of the temporary filling.
  4. A temporary filling is placed inside the crown till the tooth has healed and the permanent one can be put in place. The instruction given by the dentist should be followed to ensure a quick recovery. 

Keeping a balanced life

RCT is applied to ensure the maintenance of the natural dental arrangement and functionality. This procedure of root fracture fix in Jaipur allows the functionality of the teeth to remain as it is, as the nerves are required only to provide sensation like heat or cold, they do not have any effect on the functions of the teeth themselves. Eating right, following good oral hygiene, and following the dentist’s instructions properly can provide a life-long effective RCT procedure. 

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SMILE SPOILERS like improper alignment of teeth, spacing between teeth, broken teeth, old fillings, attrition or wearing of enamel of teeth, smoking stains, yellow teeth, black gums, protruding teeth, jaw size discrepancies, gummy smile, fluorosis etc can be corrected and mended using a host of treatments like braces, veneers, bleaching and depigmentation.

Technological advancements are slowly decreasing the need for unsightly braces. Invisible aligners like INVISALIGN have done away with fixed wires and made the treatment invisible. Aligners are removable, transparent, do not cause food lodging, easier to maintain and patient acceptance is also better. Wilkodontics can decrease the duration of alignment treatment to as short as three months. VENEERS are instant smile correction techniques to make your smile radiant with the shape and size to suit your facial structure.

Anti-ageing treatments – restoration of lower facial height lost due to loss of enamel. LASER tooth whitening procedures are long lasting.

Most cosmetic problems also indicate an underlying functional problem – corrections will offer a better quality of life, early detection in childhood can simplify treatment.

BAD BREATH AND BLEEDING GUMS indicate gum disease which will soon lead to tooth loss. It may be due to aging, diabetes, pregnancy or genetics.

Technological advancements like LASERS ensures faster healing, less bleeding. Microscopic Dentistry improves precision. Nowadays targeted treatments and growth factors from one’s own body are also used for rapid healing. Cell culture technology are the latest developments.

Gum disease is usually due to plaque and calculus accumulation around the teeth. If addressed early, the tooth can be saved. Delay in treatment will result in tooth fall.

Sensitivity is usually an early symptom of decay, gum recession, over-zealous brushing or hard clenching or grinding habit.

Technological advancement like LASER Desensitisation, Dental loupes assisted root coverage procedures, tooth coloured fillings can cure sensitivity and save the teeth.

Before blindly following what the advertiser in the television tells, it is mandatory to check for the underlying reason and treat the same. In gum recession covering of the exposed, sensitive part of the root by gum treatments is done. Ignoring the symptom or resorting to over the counter relief measures – almost always leads to tooth loss.

PAIN in the tooth or mouth is usually due to deep decay in the tooth, wisdom tooth eruption, food collection inside gum pockets, ulcers or cracked tooth. The dentist will examine you and may need to take an x-ray to check the spread of infection.

Technological advancements like apex locators, flexible rotary tools, laser root canal, microscope assisted dentistry, have reduced the duration of treatment and the discomfort involved. Precious Metal Crowns improve durability and ensure zero allergies.

Do not use over the counter medication to treat dental pain. Clove oil cannot stop the spread of infection. If the cause of the pain is found early, the tooth can be restored to normal function.

Treatment Option

Root Canal Treatment

With luxurious ambiance, A-star hospitality, the Nawal’s Dental is a completely inimitable experience in Dentistry. Everything from the quality of the smiles that greet you to the smiles that leave the place is of a much higher stature.

With sophisticated technology and finest dentist in the world we practice almost painless procedure for a precise outcome. Our specialist in smile designing, laser dentistry, and sedation dentistry are determined to restore confident smile and to offset pain from dental procedures.

Now it is time for you to move over ordinary dental care, to get over your fear of dentists, to forget about cramped dental offices, painful treatments, and fear of catching infection due to a non-sterile atmosphere, inadequate infrastructure, and ill experienced dentists. It is time for you to Come and experience the dental care beyond the ordinary.

Fast Dental Treatment

Keeping up with changing times and tight schedules of patients, we have endeavored to keep treatment time and visits minimal. This in no way has been by virtue of compromising treatment quality. On the contrary, the best of machinery and materials have been sourced to ensure faster and more efficient working with the best possible end result.

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